Australian Made Sheds, Why you can expect quality.


Australia being a little different than the rest of the world isn’t exactly new news. But a fact many Australians may not realise is that because our country can have extreme climatic differences between places that are so close on the map, building and construction techniques that would be more than adequate in other parts of the world simply will not stand the test of time here. Thats why many Australians who want a shed happen to want an Australian made shed.

Australia is no different to the rest of the world and is after quality products, especially for items which people want to last a long time such as sheds. When it comes to building sheds, whether you are discussing material choices or building techniques, it is imperative that the right choices be made if you want to produce a structure that will survive in Australia’s tough climate. That is a key reason for working with an experienced company that knows and understands not only what they can build a shed out of and how to put one together, but the industry leading technologies and skills required to properly design a shed that will suit your purposes and stand strong in your location for many years to come.

A shed intended to be a man cave or she shed in the Brisbane suburbs and a shed destined to shelter agricultural equipment at the edge of the outback are very different animals. Thats where many people go wrong and why Australians need to work with a professional company possessing the skills required to get the build completed correctly. In addition, this will stop headaches that could occur along the way and ensure that the job is done in a thorough yet timely manner.

Sheds are not minor investments. You will want to make sure that the dollar you spend is money well spent and that you will be guaranteed years of trouble-free service with a minimal amount of required upkeep expense. In short, you want to buy quality and that means buying an Australian made shed from a company such as ShedEx.

What does quality mean

Most people think of quality as just meaning good materials with a good design, but with an Australian made shed from ShedEx quality has a much deeper meaning than that. For our team, Australian made quality means going beyond what is expected when it comes to materials and design. It means creating a design that is unique for the customer it is being done for. It means using materials that are locally sourced, help drive the Australian economy, and are environmentally friendly and produced in a responsible manner. Offering features that enhance the usability and serviceability of every shed we build. We believe an integral part of Australian Made quality is service. This includes providing a plane language warranty that is easy to understand and gives you peace of mind, and of course, providing top industry customer service before, during and after the construction process.

Materials used in our Australian made sheds

Australian made sheds from ShedEx are constructed from steel sourced from BlueScope and Colorbond. Both of these Australian owned and operated companies respect core values and dedication to corporate responsibility and customer service.

BlueScope Steel

BlueScope Steel, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia has grown into a multinational network operating in 160+ locations around the globe and with a sales revenue that exceeds $11 Billion. One of the world’s leading suppliers of steel construction components, BlueScope has won multiple awards for its dedication to community development, sustainable business practices and environmental friendliness.

Of course, all of these accolades are wonderful but they are by-products of the company’s dedication to providing top-quality steel building materials and attention to customer service. In an industry that has been highly competitive for over a hundred years, success is driven by quality and social awareness is only made possible by that success.

BlueScope Steel has stood the test of time and built a reputation for selling the highest quality steel building materials available on the market and then by choice, not a necessity, has seen fit to reinvest in a part of their accomplishments.


Colorbond is a division under the BlueScope banner that specialises in what is best called architectural steel products to those working consumer direct. These products would include roofing, walling, gutters, doors, fencing and other precoated coloured steel products. Known for the longevity of their finishes Colorbond has constantly push the boundaries of form and function to create unique and inspiring design products that outlast and provide better functionality than anyone else can offer.

ShedEx brings it together

ShedEx brings together the products provided by these companies using years of technical experience required for designing and building top quality Australian made sheds of all types. When it comes to building techniques for sheds, our team knows it all. The ShedEx team brings together professionals with years of experience in design, architecture, engineering, drafting and construction. This melding of disciplines makes it possible for us to save our clients thousands of dollars while assuring unsurpassed quality, longevity and usability for our products.

Certainly, there would be others offering shed construction services who have no idea what they are doing, and naively think building a shed accounts sticking up posts with walls and a roof. The process of engineering a shed is far more than that and anything not thorough and proper will lead to a poor product, a hassle of a process, and a whole lot more money spent than if it was just done right.

Three key factors make a quality Australian made shed more than the sum of its parts: the right materials, the right tools and the knowledge of how to make the best use of the first two. At ShedEx, we add the Australian made quality to provide our customers with a final product that they can keep and appreciate for a very long time.

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